Rose Tattoo The first release entitled "Rose Tattoo" Singles from the  first release "Rose Tattoo"
Assault&Battery The release entitled "Assault & Battery" Singles from the release "Assault & Battery"
  Scarred For Life The release entitled "Scarred For Life" Singles from the release "Scarred For Life"
  Southern Stars The release entitled "Southern Stars" Singles from the release "Southern Stars"
  Beats From A    
Single Drum The release entitled  "Beats From A Single Drum" Singles from the release  "Beats From A Single Drum"
  Miscellaneous lp single
  Promotion LP's used for promotion Singles used for Promotion
Test Pressing Test Pressing Singles related to Rose Tattoo
Bootleg The release entitled "Assault & Battery"  
  Compilation lp
  Various LP's related to Rose Tattoo Singles related to Rose Tattoo
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